Investment Strategy

We believe in the fundamental, proven benefits of asset allocation. Our portfolio construction process layers our client’s risk tolerance with current economic and market conditions. We weight asset classes according to long-term risk and return expectations, but also provide a calculated degree of variability in these weightings. These weightings can vary according to on our shorter-term outlook, which is influenced by factors such as the strength of the economy and the interest rate environment. This active asset allocation approach seeks to control overall portfolio risk and add value to our clients’ portfolios over both short and long term time periods.

Our portfolios incorporate a combination of securities, which may include individual stocks, individual bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds. Our security selection is based on a sound, proven analytics process that seeks to identify companies or sectors that are well positioned to benefit from macroeconomic circumstances and trends. We use proprietary analytics to evaluate the fundamental strength of securities and to impose discipline and consistency to investment decisions. In addition to individual stocks and bonds, we strategically incorporate ETFs and/or mutual funds to provide broad, cost-effective exposure to certain styles and/or sectors within mid-cap, small-cap and international markets.