Retirement Plan Services

Retirement & 401K planning for Individuals

  • To form a clearly defined investment policy statement and
  • Develop a methodical investment process.

Qualified Retirement / Company Retirement Plans

Plan Sponsors:

Do you make the decisions for your company's retirement plan? If so, you are a Plan Sponsor. At HNP Capital we work toward the protection of Fiduciary's & Trustees on the retirement plans that we oversee. We have adopted both internal and external resources from industry leaders to provide a process that is designed specifically for ERISA plans. We work with plan sponsors to stay compliant with current ERISA guidelines.

A few examples are:

  • Clearly defined Investment Policy Statement
  • Methodical investment process
  • Ongoing investment monitoring
  • Formal Trustee/Retirement Plan Committee meetings
  • Documentation with detailed meeting minutes

Through this disciplined process, HNP Capital can partner with you as a Fiduciary for any type of plan that you may have. 

Plan Participants