Retirement Plan fIDUCIARY Services


Do you make the decisions for your company's retirement plan? If so, you are a Plan Sponsor. At HNP Capital we work toward the protection of Fiduciary's & Trustees on the retirement plans that we oversee. We have adopted both internal and external resources from industry leaders to provide a process that is designed specifically for ERISA plans. We work with plan sponsors to stay compliant with current ERISA guidelines. 

Our goal is to be your partner by providing the following 401K services:

  • Fiduciary oversight through a customized investment policy statement, a stringent process for due diligence and monitoring of funds, and quarterly documentation for plan sponsors.
  • Collaboration with Plan Administrators, offering access to index funds, actively managed funds, and target date funds.
  • Full transparency of fees delivered in an easy to understand table format.
  • 3(21) or 3(38) Fiduciary oversight.
  • Education services with a proven track record of increasing employee participation rates.

Participant Education SERVICES

We believe a successful participant education and communication program is critical to the success of your retirement plan. As an independent fiduciary, we are able to provide group education and personalized portfolio recommendations to participants. We also review strategies to increase participation and deferral rates so that your employees are able to take advantage of this necessary benefit.